There are a few things you should know.

Not every dealer is as transparent as Parkway Volvo Subaru Hyundai in Wilmington, NC is when it comes to doing business. Here are a few things you should know and keep an eye out for:


Disclaimers - Some dealers will show you an incredibly low price on their website that seems to blow the competition away. Well, read the fine print and you'll quickly see that the price that's "too-good-to-be-true" is exactly that. Many dealers will show a vehicle priced with every available rebate reduced from the original price. Some of these rebates include:

·         HMFC Financing Rebates - Available when Hyundai Motor Finance offers a Rebate when you opt for special financing rates through HMFC.
·         Owner Loyalty Coupons - Available when existing Hyundai owners purchase or lease certain new Hyundai models
·         Manufacturers Rebates - Available when Hyundai offers Rebates on different models that vary in amount and availability.
·         Military Rebates - Available when customers meet certain requirements pertaining to their employment by the U.S. Military.
·         College Graduate Rebates - Available when recent college graduates complete college under certain conditions (i.e. attend an accredited 4 year college/university).
·         Mobility Coupons - Allowance for Handicap Adjustments to vehicles when certain conditions are met.
Chances are you won't qualify for every rebate all at once - but that doesn't stop some dealers from saying they are all "available." Yes, they are available, but unless you fall into each rebates' qualifying requirements you are in for a surprise when show up to the dealership.
Bump Stickers - Addendum stickers are an interesting practice to say the least. You've seen them, but have you every really thought about what they are and what they say about the dealer Technically called "Addendum Stickers," these stickers have commonly become referred to as "Bump Stickers," due to the fact that they allow dealers to do exactly that - bump the price! You would be amazed at some of the business practices some dealers take when it come to these stickers - practices that could cost you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars when it comes time to complete your purchase. Here are a few examples of what we've seen over the years:
·         "Market Adjustment" - $1,995.00  Exactly what market adjustment? We aren't to sure what this means other than they just made $2,000 extra off of you if you bought from their market.
·         "Coastal Environmental Protection Package" - $995.00  Includes Paint Protection and Fabric Sealant  That's an expensive wax and conditioning job if you ask us.
·         "Detail Appearance Package" - $295.00  This sounds like the most expensive car wash we've ever heard of.
·         "Import Market Assessment" - $695.00  Honestly, we don't know what this even means. Do you? We do know it means the dealer who is charging this just made another $695 if you buy from them.
·         "Dealer Protection Package" - $1,595.00  We assume this one is a combination of all of the above. Again, almost $1,600 you just threw away if you bought from dealers like this.

The only Addendum Stickers you may ever see at Parkway and we stress the words "may see" since we don't use them often  will be for dealer added accessories that you can actually see. This may include a set of Cross Rails on a Santa Fe, Mud Flaps on a new Sonata, Sunroof Deflector on a new Elantra or a Cargo Cover on a new Tucson. We aren't in the business to charge for "invisible products," but we are in the business of doing things the right way.


Before you buy somewhere else make sure you read the fine print!