Hyundai's exclusive Blue Link® system, available in most new Hyundai vehicles, is a dynamic and innovative connected car solution that combines safety, car care, remote functionality, and infotainment into a complete package. From emergency assistance and stolen vehicle recovery to keeping tabs on your teenage driver and activating the heat before running outside on a cold day, Blue Link® is an asset to everyone. Below, you will find videos explaining each component of this system.

Introducing the Hyundai Blue Link® System

Feature Overview

The Blue Link®  system is like having your own personal valet, butler, and security detail inside your car. You can control every aspect of the system from your smartphone or tablet.

Car Finder

There's no need to walk around searching for your car. Blue Link®  knows exactly where it is. Turn on the app, and Blue Link® will guide you towards your car using GPS. Once you're close, you can activate the horn and lights to make finding your vehicle even easier.

Destination Search powered by Google™

Our Destination Search is powered by Google, enabling you to discover the newest places to go, wherever you are. If you're craving a spicy tuna roll, Blue Link® can direct you to a sushi bar. Need coffee? Simply tell Blue Link® , and we'll guide you to the closest place.

Account Settings

Syncing your information with Blue Link®  is quick and easy when you follow these step-by-step directions. Once connected, you can access your vehicle's controls from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can connect more than one device to one car, for multiple drivers.

Remote Lock, Unlock and Start in Cold Weather

There is no need to stand outside, scraping snow and ice off your windshield on a cold winter day. With Blue Link®,  you can use your smartphone to start the car's engine and the defroster before leaving your house to have a car that's ready to drive, as well as comfortable and warm.

Blue Link® Stories: Enhanced Roadside and SOS Emergency Assistance

David was on his way to work when he got in an accident, and Blue Link® helped him before he was out of the car. Nick had a flat tire, and was kept in contact with the tow truck through text message. Hyundai owners find the peace of mind of having Blue Link® invaluable.

Blue Link® Stories: Stolen Vehicle Recovery

If your Hyundai is ever stolen, you can track its movements using Blue Link® while contacting the authorities. Our operators have the ability to bring the vehicle to a complete stop, then contact the authorities and let them know where to find it. This is an invaluable resource, should the situation arise.

Blue Link® Stories: Geo-Fence, Curfew and Speed Alert

When your teenager starts driving, you can keep track of them by setting your Blue Link® to get alerts if your car goes over a certain speed. There is also the "Geo-fence" feature, which alerts you if the car leaves a predetermined area.

Blue Link® Stories - Billy

Billy drives his Sonata Turbo quite often, and enjoys that unlike other remote starts, Hyundai's works from anywhere as it is web-based rather than distance. He loves the Point of Interest feature, since when gets an address for a meeting, he sends it to his car and it's ready to go once he gets in.

Roadside Assistance

If you run out of gas on the side of the road, get a flat tire, or any sort of mechanical issue, the press of a button connects you to a Blue Link®  specialist that will dispatch help right away.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

If your Hyundai is stolen, contact Blue Link®  after filing a police report. We will work with the authorities to locate your car, and if it is in motion, we can slow down, stop, and, immobilize it. We will contact you once your vehicle has been located.

Emergency Assistance

Having a medical emergency in your car? Press the "S.O.S." button on your rearview mirror so Blue Link® instantly puts you in contact with a trained operator that will coordinate emergency services and stay on the line until they arrive. 

Remote Lock, Unlock, and Start in Hot Weather

Make sure your car is locked while relaxing on the beach, even if it's miles away. Once you're ready to leave, you can use your smartphone to start the A/C before you make your trek back to the parking lot, ensuring the car will be cooled off once you step inside.

Stories Overview

Hear about the benefits of Blue Link® from actual Hyundai owners themselves. From roadside assitance to the curfew and speed alert, owners get more use out of their Blue Link® than imagined.

Blue Link® Stories: Car Care

Your monthly vehicle report reminds you when it's time for service and notifies you of any problems. You can view web diagnostics for all of your vehicle's systems. Blue Link® is helpful because your car will virtually tell you when something is wrong.

Blue Link® Stories: Remote Access

Remote Access lets you confirm your car is locked, even if you're across the country on vacation.

Blue Link® Stories - Brian

Technology was a big part in Brian's decision to buy a Hyundai. He now uses Blue Link® to avoid driving a hot Sonata during North Carolina summers. He also uses the car finder feature when leaving the ball game, and once used Emergency Assistance to help a man on the side of the road.

Blue Link® Stories - Bob

Bob does a lot of driving for his job, and he enjoys the security of knowing roadside assistance is just a press of a button away. When he was involved in an accident on a Texas freeway, Blue Link® contacted him within moments of impact. He says he will never buy another car without Blue Link®.

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